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5 Challenges Faced by Enterpreneurs while making an eCommerce Web App

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

Because of the widespread use of mobile devices, an increasing number of eCommerce sites are also investing in the development of mobile applications for their clients. The most common challenge faced by online businesses is to stay in contact with their consumers, and an eCommerce mobile app can help them do so. Ecommerce Business mobile apps are a certain way to succeed in the future.

However, the biggest challenge is to create an e-commerce software with all of the needed functionality.

Everything must be thought out and analyzed before progress can begin, from analyzing market trends and the potential customer wants and expectations to deploying apps and getting feedback from users to fixing any bugs that can have occurred.

The mobile app industry might be intimidating for a first-time e-commerce operator. E-commerce website development businesses can help you examine several areas of mobile app development precisely.

For instance, in the year 2020, the whole planet was placed under lockdown. There are still behavioural changes that need to be taken into consideration by the app development team even after the lockdown has been released.

Online payment alternatives are now required for eCommerce applications to encourage no-touch delivery and protect their clients. As societal conventions and conditions change, app development costs will rise. However, eCommerce app owners will get a larger return on their investment as a result.

Let’s talk about some of the difficulties that software development teams go through while making an eCommerce website application.

1. The struggle to find the best technology

The first and most important step is to choose a technology and platform. Developing a strong eCommerce app is now easier than ever before because of the advancements in technology.

There are several platforms available for building a powerful eCommerce web or mobile app. It’s up to you to decide whether to create a web app, cross-platform application, or native application based on your target audience and their OS. No matter which option you choose, be certain that the app works seamlessly across all major operating systems and browsers.

A suitable platform can be chosen from among Android, iOS, and cross-platform technologies depending on the desired functionality, security, target audience, and scalability, among other factors.

Online Platforms such as Shopify and Magento allow you to develop complex online applications. Shopify’s app builder is appropriate for small to medium-sized e-commerce business. It has a lot of useful features for the new business model as well. Similar to Magento, a full eCommerce mobile app can be developed at the corporate level using Magento.

2. Security-related issue

The security of an app is what sets it apart from the competition as both attractive and dependable. And developers do have an issue with the security of e-commerce software.

Securing online payments and transaction alternatives is a need for any e-commerce application. To do this, customers’ private financial and personal information must be stored securely in the app data system.

An attack on your brand’s reputation might be as simple as a single hacking attempt. As the number of cyberattacks and virus operations rises, ensuring the security of your apps should be a key concern.

Provide additional app features like encryption, single sign-on, verification codes, fingerprint scanning, and others to give your clients greater security and confidence. So, of these features, customers will see your eCommerce software as one that adheres to strict security requirements.

3. Choosing the best features

For both app owners and developers, this presents another significant obstacle. To maintain and attract clients, it’s critical to choose the correct features. To discover which features to preserve, talk to your eCommerce mobile app development company about the needs. All e-commerce applications have the same basic functions, and maintaining them is crucial if you want to keep customer satisfaction in mind.

Without a crucial feature, customers can have an unsatisfactory online customer experience, which can lead them to believe the incorrect things about your company.

Developers can include additional features like customized shopping lists, voice help, reviews, and star ratings in addition to the usual elements like a shopping cart, search bar, and menu to provide consumers with a memorable app experience. Other app features include social network integrations and user feedback.

4. Keep an eye out for abilities and experience.

Inquire about the experience and skills of the eCommerce mobile app developer before making a hiring decision. Even for experienced developers, it might be challenging to build some aspects of an e-commerce program. Because some developers can not be familiar with business concepts or market trends, their expertise can be insufficient for the project.

Additionally, each app is built using a separate technology, necessitating the use of specialized knowledge. Finding developers who have worked in a certain industry is critical.

Consider their capacity to fulfil deadlines while interviewing mobile app developers. There is a quick evolution in the e-commerce business, where speed to market is critical for success and staying one step ahead of the competition.

5. Secure payment gateways

Making a payment gateway is more of a personal preference than a conventional procedure for clients. There are a plethora of payment methods available, so your customers can pay your eCommerce company as they like. Integrating all payment methods is a must if clients want to be able to pay any way they choose.

If you have an eCommerce app, you should be able to accept all payment methods, including credit cards and debit cards. Customers can pay with a single click if you implement an in-app wallet like e-commerce behemoth Amazon. The refund procedure and payment processing should also be integrated into the eCommerce app. You must also guarantee the security and convenience of digital payment methods.


Hiring seasoned mobile app developers from a reputable business will help you avoid a lot of the pitfalls that come with developing an app. Do you really want to invest all that money in an app that your consumers don’t use? Your business can save money by working with an eCommerce app development firm and its well-trained staff to assist in eliminating any app development process risk.


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