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Building more secure ecommerce websites to improve customer confidence

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Building more secure ecommerce websites to improve customer confidence

The importance of Website security increasing with many important services being offered online, including financial services, storing of personal data that is sensitive etc. it is often in the news and online that a website has been hacked and personal details or credit card details have been stolen. Thus the eCommerce website security requirements are usually quite high. This has negative effect on the consumer confidence of using online services and hence the average consumer needs more convincing. This can be done by implementing correct practices and obtaining professional certificates from credible organizations.

Basics of Web Security:

Every website needs to be secure although the degree of security may vary on the type of website. The best ways to protect Ecommerce website is to make sure one keeps in mind the basics of security. Here are a few common security concerns and factors that the average user should be aware of, as well the website developer and web server administrator should implement.

  • The login page of the website should always be encrypted.  It is essential to use SSL (https) on pages that require authentication, but that may not be enough.
  • The data validation that occurs on the website should ideally always be done on the server side. The data validation is often done using JavaScript which is a good feature since it catches the mistakes faster. However, the data once sent to the server should also be validated on the server side. This makes sure the data is validated every time since the JavaScirpt validation can fail due to many reasons
  • It is a good idea not to use unsecured networks when you login to your accounts. Hence public places like cyber cafes, etc are not the ideal place to use sensitive accounts.
  • Sharing your login credentials with someone is also a bad idea. This applies to all the general users as well as the web masters.
  • It is essential to secure the server at all times too,

Securing your websites:

There are many methods in which one can ensure complete security of a website. This starts from the web server itself and also includes the programming done by the web developers as well as the end users who visit the websites. Everyone needs to do their part to maintain security. Here are some tips for security for e-commerce websites.

  • HTTPS:

It is almost taken for granted that every website that requires users to login has SSL authentication. SSL authentication is one of first steps every web developer should take to secure their eCommerce store or any website with sensitive data for that matter. Using SSL make sure that the data being transmitted over the internet is secure and not open or readable by hackers of phishers.

  • Multiple level of Authentication:

Making the login method more secure is advisable since a lot of sensitive data is available on login to many websites. It is possible to make the user authentication more secure by using the two factor authentication. This is referred to as 2FA and make the user authentication a second time. The first time is done via the username and password and the second via an SMS or a mobile app. Since the SMS received is valid only for a short period of time it ensures high security.

  • Monitor sections that are prone to be hacked

In spite of taking every precaution and having a high level of security, the hackers are still likely to attempt to break the security in order to find a loop hole to get into. Hence it is necessary to maintain a high level of security and also monitor the sections most venerable too.

  • End users doing their bit

Besides making sure you are using a secure website and webserver it is also essential to make sure you take all the safety measures yourself.  This includes using a password manager to maintain passwords that are hard to remember.  Making sure your workstation is always secure. It is essential you are aware of phishing attacks as well that trick you to obtain sensitive information.

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