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Building a Mobile App – The actual effort and Cost

By: Rushik Shah

Mobile Development

The mobile is operated from the palm of your hands and they have several Apps. These Apps seem small and easy to use; but how easy is it to make one? The fact of the matter is building and then maintaining an App is a major task. It is easy to imagine that it is hard to build a desktop application; well it is equally hard to build a mobile application. Thus a lot of effort and resources and effort go into developing a mobile application.

The Design:

  • A great deal of effort needs to be made getting the design right. This means the goals and functionality of the App should be crystal clear right from the start.
  • The design process involves many people like the person with the original idea and his vision of the App.
  • It also involves the project co-ordinator who has to translate these ideas to the Mobile App developer who in turn has to turn into something practical. It often happens that the ideas and features that are envisioned by the person (client or designer) are either hard to translate into functionality or not practical from the Mobile App Developer’s perspective. Hence the design process itself requires the close coordination of several people.
  • The reason why design is extremely important for a Mobile App is because the mobile App is operated on a mobile that will usually be up close to a user.
  • In general a user does not spend a lot of time using Apps. The approach to a Mobile App is completely different as to that of a Desktop Application. With a Desktop application you expect the user to get settled in their chair and have their full attention while using the Application.
  • It is seldom the case with a mobile application. More often than not a mobile application will be used by the user while on the go.
  • This means the user will have short and divided attention spans since he is likely to be doing many other tasks at the same time. Thus the challenge for the designer has grown triple fold.
  • The design should not only meet the specification and requirements set by the client, but at time it should be designed such that it is very easy to grasp, have a low learning curve, be intuitive and extremely user friendly.

The Development:

  • When it comes to the actual development of the App this too goes through several phase. These phases include the actual development, a testing phase and a feasibility phase.
  • If the App does not seem fit during the testing and feasibility phase, redevelopment of those sections are required.
  • There are many types of App developers available out there. For example the developer could be on hourly rates; hence this way the faster he does it the lesser it will cost. On the other hand it is also often on a project basis and this means the cost of the App is fixed no matter the time taken.
  • However a project of this nature will general have a timeline towards completion.

Hence the True Cost Of Building A Mobile App:

  • Mobile Apps are a serious business and can pack some serious functionality. The Mobiles are being used for more things than you can image these days.
  • The fact of the matter is that a lot of time and effort goes into the design of the mobile App.
  • On an average approximately 70 – 100 hours are spent on the UX design and about 60 – 90 hours on the UL visual design.
  • What does this mean in simple English? Well it means that if you falter in choosing the right Mobile App firm it can be a very costly mistake.
  • At the same time Alakmalak is one firm with a great deal of experience in Mobile app development and also in Web development. They have developed more than 2000 websites and have a fair bit of penetration into the word of mobile app development as well.
  • Their sound and skilled Developers always place the requirements of the clients first and hence the result is always an App that is closest to what was set out to be designed. You can simply never go wrong if you choose Alakmalak.

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  • The actual effort and Cost of Building a Mobile App

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