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Brief Introduction to React JS

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ReactJS is a JavaScript Library that can be used to build the user interface for a Website. ReactJS was created by a Software Engineer at Facebook. It is now an open source software that is being maintained by Facebook and Instagram and several other individual developers.

It is possible to create large web applications using ReactJS. ReactJS allows designing an application that makes use of data and does not require the page to be refreshed in order to display new data. The main advantage of using ReactJS is that it helps improve the speed and simplicity of the websites besides which it is also highly scalable. ReactJS is compatible with the MVC architecture and hence can be used to develop a website along with other popular JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, etc.

Main Features of ReactJS

Introduction to React JS

The main features of ReactJS include features like one-way data flow, Virtual DOM, Nested Elements. ReactJS code is mainly written in JSX which is a JavaScript extension that allows quoting HTML and even using HTML tag syntax in order to render subcomponents.

Although ReactJS mainly makes use of HTML it can go beyond that too. It can also make use of several Facebook notations to accomplish several tasks.

There are many advantages of using ReactJS, especially for the UI. With ReactJS the website code becomes more readable and maintainable. ReactJS helps implement the theory of components for the UI. The componentized UI is considered to be the future of web development and is something that ReactJS offers.

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