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Best iOS Apps Trends That You Cannot Miss Out in 2020

iPhone App development


The number of iPhone users is increasing by the day. So, every business
today needs an iOS application that will help the products and services
reach out to iPhone users. Now when we talk about mobile applications, it
is important that they are developed, keeping in mind the latest trends.

Here are the best iOS trends which you need to take into account:

IoT Focused Apps:

Internet of Things is today an important aspect as it creates a connection
between the user and the device. It is essential that the iOS app can connect
with the devices that are internet enabled. IoT focused apps can be
trendsetting and can improve ROI in a big way.

Swift 5 programming language:

The Swift 5 programming language by Apple has made it possible to create
an app that can give a major boost to your business. It comes with the
Application Binary Interface. Its code migration makes source changes
easy, and this programming language has compatibility with Linux.

Machine learning for making smart apps:

With the introduction of Machine Learning, Apple made it possible to
develop smart apps for different Apple devices. One of the best examples of
MI is Siri. The Apple Neural Engine that Apple plans will help in improving
the Machine Learning functionality in the Apple devices.

Improved app security:

With the number of hacking attacks increasing by the day, there is no way
that you can compromise with the app security. We all know how
particular Apple is about security policies. There are billions of active Apple
devices, and any compromise with the security can create havoc.
Apple takes the best security measures already, and even now, it is
constantly working on improving the security policy to prevent data

breaches and cyber-attacks. They are also working on protecting the
security of kids from the technology point of view.

AI-based personal assistant:

The AI-based personal assistant of Apple Siri has become very popular, and
it is all set to become even smarter in the coming times. One can
communicate with Siri with voice commands. The Siri shortcuts suggest
specific shortcuts for specific actions that one wants to perform.

Augmented reality:

From the time iOS 11 was launched, Apple has focussed on AI in a big way.
The advanced version of the Augmented Reality Platform of Apple for the
iOS devices is ARKit, and this will make it possible to develop 3D mobile
apps. In this, Apple is going to get support from the Sumerian Application
Platform of Amazon. The coming together of these 2 big giants is surely
going to be an amazing thing.


If you want to create a trendsetting iOS app this year, then there is no way
that you can ignore the above iOS app trends. These trends will help you
create a user-friendly and innovative app for Apple users, and the best app
will help to scale your business to new heights.

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