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Benefits of having a multistore ecommerce website

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Benefits of having a multistore ecommerce website

The ecommerce websites are on the rise as are the number of people using the Internet to make purchases. As more Internet users begin to trust online transactions and make use of the several kinds of online services the world of ecommerce is also evolving and adapting to this consumer behaviour. As a result of which there are now at lot more products and services that can be availed over the Internet. There are also a few stores that implement multi-store ecommerce.

The way multi-store ecommerce works is by keeping the administration of all their stores common from a single dashboard and maintain multiple store-fronts from a single inventory. This helps them manage multiple brands, besides which there are several other benefits.

Benefits of multi-store ecommerce


  • Decrease in workload:

With a multi-store ecommerce website, it is possible to make use of common template to setup multiple stores. In addition to which if changes are required either on the administrative section or on the store-front, the tasks involved are greatly reduced. Hence the overall time and effort spent on the setup and maintenance of the store is reduced by a large margin.

  • Manage data easily:

It is easier to manage the data from multiple-stores with a multi-store ecommerce website. The data that is collected from each store has a common database. This master database can be managed from a single interface even though there are many store fronts.

  • Better Security:

With a common interface to administer the data and manage the multiple store-fronts, it is also easier to maintain a high level of security. Implementing it in this way ensures there is lesser manpower and measures required to maintain a high level of security.

  • Smooth Integration:

A multi-store ecommerce setup has a lot of benefits. One of them is ease of integration with many different applications like an ERP or CRM. This has direct effect on improved productivity and better sales.

  • Boost for Marketing:

It becomes easier to optimise your website for the desired profiles of your customers. By gaining vital data about the visitors on each store-front, including information regarding their location and preferences; it becomes easier to optimise the individual store fronts and even target a certain group or type by better and new store-fronts.

  • Easier inventory tracking:

With the inventory being shared across all the stores it becomes easier to track and keep stock. The benefits of doing this include better and easier analysis. Besides which the database is instantly update making sure the products details are available instantly.

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