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Being successful in the highly competitive ecommerce industry

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Tips on running a successful business

The ecommerce industry was in its early stages in the year 2000. This was a time when almost no one shopped on the Internet. It some did purchase anything online it would be because they were from an IT background. But the state of a market began to change slowly. By the year 2003 the ecommerce market was truly on its way in several countries like USA and China. It is currently 2015 and one can now safely say that the ecommerce industry is here to stay. There is only one direction this marketing is going to go and that is up.

Here are few statistics that support that claim:

  • The number of internet user that have used an ecommerce website at least once is a whopping 80%.

  • That figure gets even more interesting when we take a look at the number of internet users who have shopped more than, it is at 50%.

  • A whopping 71% of the Internet user believe that they will most certainly find a better deal on an ecommerce website than in a brick and mortar store.

With the state of the market the way it is, it would be in the best interests of your business to invest in an ecommerce website. Many of the veteran business owners may have read the new business bibles and manuals with tips on running a successful business. However the average consumer behaviour is changing and all the business owners might just have to go back to the drawing board and read more books or other material on running a successful online business.

The tips listed below (about running a successful ecommerce business) will come in handy while doing so.

  • Change of Attitude: You cannot expect to sit around and expect people to find you. To be successful at an ecommerce business there are several alternate strategies:

    • Pursing repeat business

    • Using a website to sell instead of simply taking orders

    • Active promotions are a must, like creative promotions on all the big occasions and seasons.

    • Provide good customer support to earn the trust of the customers.

  • Staying current: In the big world of the ‘World Wide Web’ it is necessary to market the website as well. This is better known as SEO (search engine optimisation) . There are several strategies to be successful at SEO one of the more important one is to publish good quality content that is current.

  • Analysing statistics: The one single advantage of an ecommerce website over a brick and mortar store is that it is very easy to generate a database of you visitors, potential customers and even the customer database. Thus by analysing all the statistical data gather by your ecommerce website a great deal of information becomes available as mentioned here:

    • Data pertaining to the to the location of your visitors or potential customers.

    • The ability to gauge how long the average visitor spends on the website, which pages, products and services he prefers.

    • List of the most popular products and the best selling products

Web services

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  • Being successful in the highly competitive ecommerce industry
  • how to success in the highly competitive ecommerce industry

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