Basic SEO Tips & Tricks To Keep In Mind

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SEO Basics

Search engine optimization has always been a complicated process. There is no one correct method to follow and to top it all the factors that can get you website on the top page might not matter at all the following year. This is because the search engines are constantly optimizing their search algorithm and also taking measures to keep out the spam and other bad things.

What this has resulted it is that the process of Search Engine Optimization has gotten complicated to the extent that the beginners (to SEO) might require some big time help from the experts in the field.

However this article is a must read for those of you who are aware of the importance of SEO but not quite sure where to start. Here is a short list of tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind.

Keyword Analysis:

  • Keyword Analysis is an important process of SEO. It is just like when constructing a large building you need to make sure that the foundation is strong to start with. Similarly if you get the keyword analysis right, it will a long way in minimizing your efforts in the future.
  • There are, in fact, several SEO tools available that can make keyword research a breeze. The fundamental rule to follow is to choose relevant keywords, preferably long-tail keywords, which not only have less competition but also boast a high search volume.
  • At times it is also a good idea to be flexible and opt for a key phrase rather than a keyword. The recent studies conducted suggests that key phrases are a good option too.

On Page Optimization:

On page optimization are the factors that affect the web site search engine rankings. These factors are easy to implement and include factors like HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement as well as keyword density.

Here are a few On Page Optimization factors listed and explained to make things simpler:

Title Tag:

The title tag is a short preview of the website and it is generally what the visitors sees first since it is the first thing that comes up. The title plays an important role in categorizing the website into a specific area and helps to keep things relevant. This makes the title tag the second most important on page factor.

  • Optimal format:  Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  • Optimal Length: 50 – 60 Characters
  • Optimal title content: Content that has an impact from the readability and emotional perspective.


URL is one of the On – Page Optimization factors that matters. The inner page URLs like those of product details or product listing should contain the entire hierarchy of the website.  The URL structure helps the search engine put things into context and display more relevant search results. In addition to which it also helps from an anchor text perspective since more people will link if the text is relevant to them.

A good Example: HYPERLINK “

A Bad Example: HYPERLINK “

Content of the Page: 

  • The content of the page is by far the most On – Page optimization factor because it is the content that the users have come to view. In addition to which it is the good content that enhances user experience and makes a website deserve a good search result position. Hence it is extremely vital to create good content.
  • The obvious question now is, what is a good piece of content? It is quite intuitive actually. Good content is basically content that meets the demands and at the same time is also linkable. The content may be of any kind, like a video, an image, plain text or even sound. What is basically necessary is that the content supplies a demand. In addition to which the content should be linkable. There is no point having good content which no one can link to; this happens sometimes with Ajax content. Here are a few tips for the content:
  • It should be unique and valuable.
  • Should be possible to link too.
  • The page should be associated with its author

Image alt text:

  • The images should always have an appropriate alt text.

Internal Links 

Internal links play a crucial role in SEO strategy by connecting different parts of a website, like blog posts, with relevant content. These links are like pathways that guide both users and search engines through your site. When you strategically use internal links, you help visitors navigate easily, improving their experience. Moreover, search engines consider internal linking as one of the ranking factors.

When you link between related blog posts or pages within your website, it shows the search engines that your website has a well-organized structure and valuable information. This can positively impact your search engine rankings. While external links from other websites are important, internal links shouldn’t be overlooked, as they can boost the visibility of your content and enhance your website’s overall SEO health.

Off Page Optimization:

The scope of the Search Engine Optimization that applies to the building of backlinks (link building) is considered as Off Page Optimization. Off page optimization is considered as the use of social media to deliver traffic to the website as well as good quality link building. What matters most is that you write good quality articles that are able to carry your website and produce back links automatically.


The ever-changing and evolving realm of Search Engine Optimization can pose challenges, particularly for those of us who aren’t in the field and are attempting to delve into it, as well as for newcomers to the domain. Certain techniques need to be followed for success. However, amidst the shifting landscape of SEO, it’s becoming increasingly evident that high-quality content holds paramount importance. Yet, what holds even more significance than just good quality content? Content crafted with the reader in mind, designed to captivate the visitor’s imagination, will yield more favorable outcomes than an article stuffed with all the strategic keywords but lacking the ability to engage the visitor.

Utilizing tools like Google Analytics can provide valuable insights into search rankings, target audience behavior, bounce rate, and the performance of various content types. By aligning your content with the preferences of your target audience and integrating the right target keywords, you can enhance your content’s effectiveness and overall impact.

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