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Zen Cart is the most versatile e-Commerce software around. It is also open source and free to download. There are immense possibilities when it comes to Zen Cart. Right from selecting the template design to setting up the products and banners, to making custom pages all is possible using the Zen Cart. The important part about all this is that this is not even very hard to do. You may need some help with the template if it is highly customized and exclusively made for your store. In this case you can hire a Zen Cart developer to do the job. For example Alakmalak has been offering Zen Cart development services since quite a while now and have become quite the expert. They are aware of just about all the features and customizable options of a Zen Cart.

Banner Management - Zen Cart

Zen Cart Admin Panel
Depending on the template you select there may banner on your ecommerce website. These banners do not need to be manually uploaded via the FTP. Zen Cart provides a very good feature where from the admin section it is possible to upload the banners. These banners include a title and a URL as well. The title is important in providing meaning to the image and the URL usually links the image to the exact location of the product where the user can gain more detailed information regarding the product.

Zen Cart Banner Manager

Zen Cart Banner Manager
The way this is done is by going to the admin section first and selecting Tools –> Banner Manager from the admin menu. It is possible to add a new banner here or edit an existing one. Zen Cart allows you to select the image, title and URL of the banner. In addition to that it also allows you to set the date range during which the banner should be visible. Thus Zen Cart has provided its users with a very good banner management system capable of being used with customized sliders as well.

Zen Cart Banner Manager

Zen Cart Banner Manager
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