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App Development – iPhone vs iPad – What you need to know

iPhone App development

App Development - iPhone vs iPad - What you need to know
Two of the most popular mobile devices from Apple are the iPhone and the iPad. Since the release of the iPhone almost a decade ago, it has steadily increased in popularity. Apple then also launched the iPad to which we took an instant liking too. The popularity of the apps has also reflected in the mobiles apps.

There is now an app for almost every requirement of ours and these apps exist for both the iPhone and the iPad. Hence the obvious question being is the mobile app for both iPhone and iPad the same in terms of development. The answer is “yes to some extent” The iPhone app and iPad app are quite similar, however each platform has their unique features and hence the Apple store does have a filter for either iPhone apps or iPad apps.

Main difference between iPhone app and iPad app

There are several subtle difference between the iPhone app and the iPad app. However, when it comes to the iOS app development, there is a considerable difference as mentioned here:

  • The interface: To start with the screen size of the iPhone is very different from that of the iPad. The iPad is much bigger, though there are several sizes of iPads available now.
  • Target users: There a non-technical aspect to this as well. For those on a low budget developing an app for only one of the two, iPhone or iPad it is important they choose the right device. For example, for an education app for kids, it is a better idea to have to have the iOS App run on the iPad since it has a bigger screen and it is easier for the kids to interact with it. Thus picking the right device when opting for only one of them is important.
  • App for all: Almost every business in general would opt for a wider exposer in terms of the number of people they can reach. Hence it does make sense for a business to develop their business related app, either informative app or an app with shopping cart for both the iPhone and the iPad.

iOS Development with Alakmalak

Alakmalak is a Web Development firm that has successfully completed more than 2000 projects, besides which they have also developed a high number of iOS applications. This includes apps for the iPhone as well the iPad. Alakmalak has a team of skilled iOS developers and one of the main advantage of selecting Alakmalak for your mobile app development needs is that they are involved in providing services for several technologies. Hence there are plenty of resources for every project taken up and at any point of time, to make sure of timely delivery of project.

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Rushik Shah 12 March , 2016

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