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AngularJS VS NodeJS: Which one is Better?

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JavaScript has evolved over the years to turn out to be a very powerful programming
language just from being a simple client-side scripting language. Both the NodeJS and
AngularJS is being widely used and is open-source JavaScript-based technologies.
Here NodeJS is a cross-platform runtime environment whereas AngularJS is one of the
top JavaScript frameworks that help developers in web application developments.

Here we list down a few key differences between AngularJS and NodeJS;

Core Architecture

AngularJS was developed by Google as a web application development framework and
can be added to an HTML page with an <script> tag. It extends HTML attributes with
directives and binds that data to HTML with expressions. On the other hand, NodeJS was
being developed as a cross-platform runtime environment based on Google's V8
JavaScript engine. This was being written in many programming languages such as
JavaScript, C, and C++.

Web Framework

AngularJS is a web framework. The developers can use this to automate common
development tasks while developing a variety of applications like websites, web
applications, and web services, and so on. Whereas NodeJS cannot be used like
AngularJS as a web framework. Instead, the developers have an option to choose from a
wide range of NodeJS based frameworks like, Hapi.js, Meteor.js, and Sails.js.

Use Cases

AngularJS is widely used by developers in building single page and client-side web
applications. Its features make it easier for programmers to write interactive and real-
time applications. And NodeJS can be used by developers in building fast and scalable
server-side and networking applications. Its features can even help developers to build
applications that need real-time collaborative editing or drawings.

Programming Languages

Both the NodeJS and AngularJS support a number of programming languages along with
JavaScript. AngularJS supports CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart whereas NodeJS
supports Ruby, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript.


NodeJS applications can be written in JavaScript, but the applications need to run within
the runtime environment on various platforms- Windows, Linux, and macOS. So the
developers have to install NodeJS on their computer system first while creating the
development environment. AngularJS needs no installation on the computer system.

The developers can directly embed the AngularJS files in the codebase just like the other
JavaScript files.

Key Features

Both the AngularJS and NodeJS support MVC architectural patterns but differ in terms of
their features. AngularJS as mentioned earlier enables programmers to use HTML as a
template language and makes use of the HTML syntax rule. It also simplifies the
development of single-page and dynamic web applications by providing features like
data binding, scope, directives, filters, templates, routing, and dependency injections. On
the other hand, NodeJS is a server-side framework that provides an array of features for
building server-side and networking applications. NodeJS can be used by the developers
to make web applications deliver data in chunks without buffering.

Wrapping Up

NodeJS and AngularJS are high-performing, advanced, and widely used worldwide. Now
having listed a few differences between them, you must be having an idea of how they
differ from each other. So based on what your project demands, choose the right
technology wisely.

What’s Next ?

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