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AngularJS as Powerful JavaScript Framework

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that has been developed and now also maintained by Google. AngularJS makes use of a model-view-controller (MVC) structure and can be used to develop the front end of a website. Data binding of database elements is also possible with the help of JSON. It is a compressive solution to develop the front end using JavaScript.

AngularJS as Powerful JavaScript Framework

What Makes AngularJS, a Powerful JavaScript Framework?

AngularJS has many good features that make it a powerful JavaScript framework. Although there are many JavaScript frameworks available, none of them as feature rich or versatile as AngularJs.

Here are the Main Reasons Why AnguarJS is so Powerful:

  • AngularJs is a simple JavaScirpt framework that has all the features one could desire. It is one of the best JavaScript frameworks for single page websites as well as dynamic websites.
  • Almost every website that is developed these days makes use of AJAX. With AngularJS, the trouble of manually implementing AJAX or manipulating the DOM is gone since AngularJS takes care of all such requirements.
  • AngularJS framework has an MVC architecture and hence encourages the developers to make use of good coding practices. The developers make use of modular building blocks while developing code and hence it is easier to test.
  • AngularJS makes use of two-way data binding, hence this greatly reduces the code to be written.
  • There is a large community following for AngularJS and hence this is a big advantage since there is plenty of support available.
  • The development time required for AngularJS projects is usually quite small. There are several readymade solutions that can be implemented, in addition to which since it is quite modular the coding method and practices are good thus reducing time spent in development and testing.
  • AngularJS has been around since before ReactJS and EmberJS. It has a straightforward user interface design and even simple routing.
  • AngularJS has a big performance benefit over the other JavaScript frameworks as well. It is possible to implement code reuse to save time and the good code structure makes the testing easier as well.

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