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7 Amazing Angular JS features that every developer must know

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In web-based applications, Angular JS has many powerful features as it helps to develop user-friendly and flexible web applications.With this JavaScript framework, the web development procedure can be completed easily and quickly. Take a look at some important features of Angular JS that every developer must know. Angular JS is an open source Javascript framework developed by Google that builds dynamic single page application and also allow us to create your own custom directives and it provides a scalable infrastructure that supports google’s largest applications.

Important Key Features of AngularJS that you just cannot ignore:

1. The MVC Framework:

In this JavaScript framework, you get the Model View Control which is very
important in the case of dynamic modeling. Application building involves
combing modules, and developers combine the different components that
they have built to form the code. MVC makes web application development
very easy, and it has automated combining of all the elements that have
been developed separately. As a result of this feature, the developer saves
time and can develop the web application easily. The two-way Data Binding is an extraordinary feature ever integrated into a javascript framework.

2.HTML User Interface:

In Angular JS, user interfaces are built using HTML language, which is easy
to understand, and it has short tags. It is because of this that building a
simple and organized UI becomes possible for the developer.

3. Deep Linking:

With the deep linking feature, it becomes possible to bookmark the web
page. The page will get saved by the URL, and the state of the page is not
changed when the user requests that page; it will be displayed in the same

4. Behavior with Directives:

Angular JS directives help the developer to combine data into an HTML
template. Thus, the developer can give more functionality to the angular-
based application with the help of the Angular directives. Preparing
customized directives is also possible in the case of Angular JS.

5. Data Binding:

No separate code has to be written for the data binding functionality in the
case of Angular JS. For binding data from HTML control to application data,
some snippets of code have to be used.

6. Access to the POJO Model:

If you want a Plain Old JavaScript Objects model, you must check Angular
JS’s option. One must keep in mind that this POJO model is a highly
functional model. This feature makes it possible for the developer to
develop interactive and user-friendly applications with ease.

7. Dependency Injection:

Application development can be done easily due to the built-in dependency
injection. Due to the dependency injection, testing of the application can
also be done with ease. In the case of Angular JS, when one needs a
particular service, then Angular JS will provide an option for the same, and
you do not have to look out for the same on your own.

8. Routing:

With the routing feature, you can easily switch between views effortlessly.
Navigation from one view to another can be done easily in the case of
Angular JS. You do not have to reload Angular JS, but you can still switch to
different pages in the web application.


There is no doubt that developers prefer to use Angular JS when it comes to
choosing the best JavaScript framework for web application development.
When it comes to making single-page web-based applications, Angular JS is
the best option as it helps create the application easily and quickly.

Angular JS has some of the best features, which makes web application
development easy. However, developers must explore Angular JS&’s
different features to create the most effective web application. The MVC
framework, HTML user interface, deep linking, and many other amazing
features of Angular JS helps the developers to create the best web

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