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Amazing Shopify features that will take your business to new heights

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You already have a Shopify website, which is helping your online business do well in the competitive market. But we are sure you want to take the sales of your online business to new heights. For this, you need to explore some fantastic Shopify features.

Shopify benefits

Shopify benefits Have you used the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature?

Have you used the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature?

Do you know that of every 10 customers, 7 customers add the products to the cart and then leave without buying? If you have the basic plan of Shopify, then you can only send emails manually to these clients. But if you upgrade the plan, then you can make use of the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature.This feature will help you send automated reminders to the customers who have abandoned the cart.

Ready-made apps available with click installations:

Shopify  has some of the most amazing add-ons and apps like Edit order, audience push, etc. These apps are easy to install, and then the most important thing is that they help to give better customer satisfaction, and they also help in improving sales.

Use Discount Codes to get boost the sales of your online business:

We all know that one of the easiest ways to attract customers and boost sales is by giving them discounts. With the Bulk Discounts Shopify app, you can easily generate discount codes. You can set the discount code for free shipping, a percentage discount,

It is possible to create Customer Profiles to Identify Your Best Buyers:

One of the best ways to track the purchase history of your customers is by asking them to create accounts.From the customer accounts, it is possible to know which customer has purchased which products.It will also help you to identify your best customers.

Take Payments Anywhere with Shopify POS:

Do you have plans to sell your products in the real world, that is, at a retail outlet? In that case, you must opt for Shopify POS or Point of Sale. With this app, you can take payments in retail stores with the help of card readers. This sale will get linked to your Shopify account.So, no matter from where you are getting the sales, your account and inventory will match up.

Integrate Shopify With Facebook to increase sales:

Social media is one of the best ways to take your business to new levels. Do you know the with Shopify, you can create your online store on Facebook? Yes, with the “shop tab,” you can easily integrate Shopify with Facebook, and then your customers can buy products straight away without getting redirected to your website.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Shopify gives all their users unlimited bandwidth that means you will be not charged for number of visitors on your stores.

Gift Cards: You customers can purchase a gift card for their loved ones from your store,or you can give them as a store credit for purchasing some products from your website.

Low Monthly Charges: Shopify charges a monthly fee which is very low which is suitable for beginners to start their business with.


Shopify is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform that can surely help your online store achieve better sales. We have mentioned details about some of the best Shopify features which you may not have known before. These features will surely help your online business achieve better sales, and it will help your online store to be much better than your competitors.

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