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All that you need to know about Web Development

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All that you need to know about Web Development


Web Development is the programming at the back end of the website. The functionality of the website and all its feature require to be coded for which there are several popular programming languages available. Web Development does not deal with the designing aspects of a website.

Web development is often confused with website development. The development of a website consists of creating the interaction design or layout (template) as well as creating necessary functionality by coding. This can extend to client side and server side coding as well as database development.

Technologies used for web development

The advance in services available via the Internet has revolutionised our lives. However, all this is possible with the help of skilled programming by web developers. There are several technologies used for the purpose of web development. Here are the top few:

1. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages on the Internet. It is an open source language that uses MVC frameworks and is platform independent.

2. PHP

PHP is an interpreted script language that is used for server side programming. This tool is an open source language that can run on the windows as well as UNIX platforms. This language has been specially developed for web development.

3. Python

Python is a dynamic language that can be run without need of special complier for the job. It is a unique language with support for object oriented programming, structured programming and functional programming.

4. Ruby

Ruby is a programming language that is similar to Python in many ways. It supports multiple programming paradigms. Web development is possible via the popular framework Ruby on Rails.

5. .NET

Microsoft developed .NET in 2000 and is used for both desktop and web based applications. It largely supports the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It has support for several programming languages like C#, Visual Basic .NET and several others too.

Web Development and skills required

Web Development is essentially programming. Hence it is necessary to have programming skills and software engineering concepts clear. Besides which web development also requires some knowledge of the working of web servers and the method of accessing them.

Web development in India is possible through several websites and software which provide an expert wizard and nice interface to guide you through the process. Although this can only help create simple websites without complex functionality. Thus to develop a feature rich website with all bells and whistles, it is necessary to be a skilled web developer.

Benefits of having a website for your business

There are several benefits of taking your business online. Here are a few main benefits:

  • A website is a quick way to change from being a local business to a global business. Being online opens many doors and a whole lot of opportunities.
  • A website makes it possible to know where your customers come from. By analysing website usage patterns, it is possible to optimise your business for better gain.
  • By being available online it is possible to place vital information regarding the business and display the products or services in a way that makes them more appealing to the customers. In addition to which it is also possible for the visitors to obtain information regarding the business itself thus improving credibility.

Website development at Alakmalak

Alakmalak have been helping businesses and other organizations establish their online presence since very long time now. It is quite an achievement for them to successfully complete more than 3000 projects for clients worldwide. Their skilled team of Web Developers and Web Designers make sure that every project is developed to the highest standard and delivered on time.

  • benefits of having a website for your business
  • Technologies used for web development
  • Web Development and skills required

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