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How to Create and Use Widget in Magento?

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This Article gives you briefly information about below :

1. Widgets in magento tutorial

2. Widgets in magento 1.7

Magento is ecommerce software that is free to download. It is an ecommerce software and is immensely popular. There are many e commerce softwares available out there though none are a popular a Magento.

In recent time Magento has been the pick for many small and big businesses around the  world. By itself Magento has many good features and this reduces you the need to install additional modules or plugins. It is not hard to install a Magento extension, though there are some people who like have their site customised.

There are some shop owners who do require that extra bit of functionality and thus look to Magento Web developer for help.

Magento Widgets are actually extensions which have been pre configured for use on your web page. It is enable to add to the functionality of your Magento website with the help of widgets. It is possible to create informational and marketing content via the highly flexible and controllable widgets. It is just a matter of turning on the Widget options; this can be done by the Store administrator and does not require any programming skills.

Types of Widgets:

There are many different types of Magento Widgets a few are mentioned here for you to get a better understanding of what Widgets are:

1. Dynamic product data

2. Promotional image placed throughout the website

3. Dynamic lists with recently viewed items

4. Interactive navigation elements and action blocks

5. Dynamic flash elements that can be easily configured and embedded in the content.


If your are wondering how you can go about installing new a good Widgets then look no further because the Magento Widgets can be installed the same way as any other Magento extension.

It is possible to place a widget on a CMS page from the administrative section of your Magento installation. In order to do so you can first search for the extension you want and obtain the extension key from the Magento Connect website.

This can be done by clicking on the Install Now button of the chosen widget. After obtain the key go to the Magento Admin area and from the menu select System –> Magento Connect –> Magento Connect Manager. You will be prompted to enter the login information once again after which you can paste the extension key to install the widget

Enable a Widget:

Insert Widget

If you have the widget of your choice successfully installed it is possible to use it on your CMS page. For this you will need to go to the Admin section of your Magento installation and navigate from the menu CMS –> Pages. Now simply click on the page where you would like the widget to appear and from the content section click on the Insert Widget Icon. This will open a new window from which you can select the widget of your choice and click the insert widget button. This will process will insert the widget after you save the page.

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  • How to Create and Use Widget in Magento?

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