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How To Add Users in WordPress?

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Not all WordPress websites utilize multiple users ; they usually only use the default admin user to make the necessary settings and changes in the posts and pages. But there are many different types of WordPress websites. In the case where you have a very large blog and have used WordPress to build it; it is possible that you have articles on several different topics.

It is also possible that you are not the expert on each one of those topics and have several different authors who contribute to your blog. In this case is instead of having only one user and making the admin user do all the tasks; it is possible to make several different users. In addition to which there are it is possible to make different users with several different levels of permission as well.

Add New User


Adding users in WordPress is a very simple and easy task; which you will agree with once you have read this article. It is explained in a few steps here:

1. Load the WordPress admin section and login.

2. Select the ‘User’ option from the admin menu

3. Here you will find a ‘Add new’ button to add a new user.

4. This brings up a form with several options like username, email, first name, etc.

5. Lastly you need to select the user role. You have many to choose from like Subscriber, Contributor, Editor, Author or Administrator.

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  • How To Add Users in WordPress?

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