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Adding Favicon To Your Template In WordPress

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  • Favicon is the small icon that appears next to the URL of your website in the address bar of the browser when you load you website. Very few people know that it actually is short for ‘Favourites Icon’.

Add favicon to template in wordpress

  • In addition to be used on the browser it is also used next to the title of any bookmark you save. Thus having your icon being displayed will enable the user to find you faster. In addition to which it also is a sign of trust, making your website look for professional.
  • The favicon icon is a small icon which is 16 x 16 pixels in size. It is useful in branding and building stronger customer relations. Thus it is best practice to have the favicon as a scaled down version of your business icon.
  • A favicon can be placed even in a WordPress website and this article is meant to make it much easier for you to do so. The first step is to create an icon graphics image. This is a file with the extension .ico and need to be specially created or converted from a logo.
  • In the sense that you have the option of modifying your logo file and converting it into a graphic file (ICON) for your favicon. Alternatively you can select just about any image that you seem appropriate and make it a (ICON) favicon. Once you do have the favicon icon file you need to follow the steps mentioned here:
  • First connect to you web server with the help of FTP.
  • Navigate to the theme folder like wp-content/themes/<your theme> and upload your favicon file over there. The name of the file should be ‘favicon.ico
  • Now while still in the FTP and the same folder, download the file called header.php.
  • This is the file where the header code for all your WordPress files exists. Though there are some custom templates where the header code is placed in another file. In such case it will be mentioned where the header file code has been relocated. It could be in a file like ‘top.php’ or something thing like that.
  • Now you need to place the following tag in your header code.
  • <link rel=”short icon” href=”<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_direcotr’); ?>/favicon.ico” />
  • Once you upload your header file back to the server and refresh your computer screen you will find that the icon has loaded along with the website.

You may have read the method of placing the icon on the screen it is quite simple. But it does require some basic graphics and for you to be IT Savvy. If you are not such a person than it is best you leave this to the professional WordPress Web Developers like Alakmalak.

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