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How to Add a Custom Link to Prestashop Menu?

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Prestashop is not just another e-commerce solution. It is an open-source package that is freely available. However, Prestashop has many good features and modules that are all included in the basic package, unlike other e-commerce solutions. There is generally a list of categories on the user side of the Prestashop installation. If for some reason you wish to add additional module links and customize the category list that this is possible. You can add more links by following the steps described below:

1. Login to your server using FTP and access the file structure.

2. Goto the folder /themes/default/modules/blockcategories in case where the default theme is in use.

3. Then download the file blockcategories.tpl and edit it.

Find the Code for Your Categories List
Find the Code for your Categories List
4. You will notice a block category module section with a ‘UL’ tag. Add a ‘LI’ tag to the end just before the closing ‘UL’ tag.

Your Website Category

Your Website Category
5. Add a link within the ‘LI’ tag.

Edit the Link and Button Title

Edit the Link and Button Title
That’s it you have now placed a custom item in the category menu which is ready to use.

More such customization is also possible that may require accessing the files via FTP and then re-uploading them. This can be quite an ordeal for the inexperienced person. It may be advisable to take help from the professional in that case. Alakmalak is one company that offers Prestashop development service and have various Prestashop developers.

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  • How to add a custom link to Prestashop Menu?

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