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How to Add a Custom Links To PrestaShop Categories Menu?

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PrestaShop is fairly new open source software which can be used for ecommerce purpose. Despite the fact that it was recently released compared to some of the ones that already existed it has risen to popularity very fast. This is because of the great many features that it has to offer. Though it is easy to setup your shopping cart using PrestaShop there are many features for which you may need to Hire PrestaShop developer.

For example if you wish to customize the website with a new design and layout which includes several different features then this is something you will require to get done via a PrestaShop developer. Alakmalak provides such services and can easily be of assistance on your PrestaShop project.

There are several simple things that require you to access the PHP code directly and if you are new to PHP and have little knowledge of it then it is best to leave it to the professionals. For example the simple task of adding a custom link to the category menu which is described below, requires you to edit a file via FTP in a PHP editor and change some code.

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To add custom links to the category menu you need to follow the following steps:

1. Load the website via FTP and download the file modules/tmcategories/tmcategories.tpl

2. Edit this file in your editor on the your computer.

3. Find the code for the listing of the categories. Select and copy one of the menu items. You should be able to find the category code after the code like and the code to copy will be something like this Item.

4. This code thus copied need to be copied after the {foreach} cycle for it to be placed at the bottom of the category menu.

5. You can now change the item name too as you please and make a new custom link in the category menu by changing the URL.

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