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iPhone App development

A Mobile App is vital for every business – here is why

By: Rushik Shah

Mobile Application for Business

The shoppers and consumers these more or less take it for granted that every decent shop or business is bound to have a website. However most of the big businesses, shops and restaurants are also making sure they have a mobile app.

There are several reasons for doing this and justifiably so. In fact it is wrong to be under the impression that the mobile apps are only for the big businesses. This is one the reasons why Mobile Apps Development in India is in high demand; Especially iPhone App development in India is in high demand since there are less iPhone App developers than other technologies.

Here is a list of reasons as to why you it is necessary to have a mobile app no matter what the size of your business may be.

Being just a click away:

  • It is safe to say that almost all of us own a mobile device. Furthermore the statistics show that more number of people are opting for smart phones over simple ones. The one thing that all smart phones have in common is the ability to use apps on a common platform like Android and iOS.
  • As per the recent statistics about 22% of the world population owns a smart phone, 6% own a tablet and 20% own a PC. The user base of the smartphones is rapidly increasing and surpassing that of the PC owners as is quite predictable. With the user base expanding at this rapid pace it is advisable to consider having a presence on this platform.
  • Besides the App will be visible on the mobile devices at all times besides which any update or offer that you need to send can be more customized and visible.

A direct marketing Channel:

At a glance here is what apps can do that other forms of market strategies cannot.

  • Provide a robust search feature
  • Quick price information, booking forms, user accounts.
  • A constant news feed
  • Provide customer with special sales information

Brand building and Recognitions:

Brand building is not very easy and takes a lot of effort via traditional marketing techniques. However when it comes to a mobile app there are several methods to have a user interested in installing your Business App; for example by providing some kind of offer or freebie. Once they have installed your App; you are in a position to constantly update it relevant information. Thus it effectively helps a great deal in brand building and recognition; a great deal more than a traditional marketing strategy.

Customer Interactivity:

Every consumer rates interactively very high. Hence if help is easy to access and customer service is just a click away it is bound to be good for business. Hence an app is vital especially for those who rate communication with customers very high. One very good example is the app ‘Open Table’. This app allows one to book a table at a restaurant via an app. Imagine not having to make a call to book a table but simply click your way to a good meal at time you like at your leisure.

What a customer values:

  • At the end of the day a consumer looks for a certain things in a business or service provider prior to trusting them. Amongst the top few are trust, authenticity, availability and easy information.
  • A mobile app is to some extent a way of telling the consumers you exist and have all the information a consumer requires easily available Besides which it helps to be the first one or among the first ones to use this means of communication. It is almost vital that a new business have one in this day and age, besides the existing ones joining in too. At some level it can also help cultivate customer loyalty.


  • Alakmalak is a firm that has been helping business get online and be more reachable via websites since a very long time. Having developed more than 2000 websites for clients across the world and being good at it.
  • Although Websites continue to be a very good way of reaching the consumers and will continue to do so in the future; mobiles apps are also now getting popular.
  • Mobiles apps are able to do what a website cannot. Alakmalak was quick to realise this; and is also helping businesses develop their own mobile app. With a high level of experience and vision there is no way you can go wrong when you choose Alakmalak.


  • why mobile app is vital for business

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