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A guide to the WordPress import tool

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress is an open source software with many different applications. It is free to download from its website online thus allowing just about anyone to setup a WordPress website. Though not everyone is IT savvy and hence may need to take the help of professional WordPress Web Developers. Alakmalak is one such WordPress web development company that offers many different services and is capable of helping you with your WordPress issues however big or small they may be.

At times after you have finally developed a WordPress website it is often because you already have a well established blog on some or the other sub domain. Thus you would have the need to transfer all your existing posts and comments and even users to your new blog on your very own domain. WordPress allows you to do this via plugins. There is an Import page on the Tools menu in the admin section of WordPress which contains the links of many different types of Import plugins. It is even possible for you to import posts directly from a RSS feed and populate your blog.

To explain it in more detail: does have a menu option like ‘Import’ although it does not have any import functionality. The ‘Import’ page simply consists of links to various plugins that you can utilize to import the type of data that your require.

WordPress import tool

The plugins offered more or less self explanatory as can be seen from the image above.

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Rushik Shah 24 April , 2014

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