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A guide to help decide which type of website is best for you

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A website is important for any business, it is very effective medium to communicate and reach out the masses. But since you are reading this article I don’t think I need to convince you that it is important to have a website. Instead, I intend to guide you while you make the important decision on which type of website you require. It is really quite simple and once you have your business objectives clearly laid out along with the possible options, you will feel the same way.

Knowing the type of website you need:

There are many different kinds of website possible, right here today in 2014. However from the business perspective there are only three main types of websites that you should select from. They are static website, dynamic website or e-commerce website. The website types names are a big give away on what to expect from each type of website. Here is a slightly detailed explanation on each one of them to help you make the important decision on the type of website that you require.

Static Website:

A static website is a very simple website that doesn’t make use of any programming language. Although it does require the use of HTML (a mark up language) and possible even a little bit of JavaScript as well. What this means is that there is almost none or extremely little server side processing required to view the website. So how do you know if a static website is suitable for you? Well it is quite simple really. If you require a quick an easy website which you do not require to update regularly (or have a good maintenance contract for updating) then you pick this. It is important to note that such website are not interactive and usually do not store any form of data (including user data).

Dynamic Website:

Dynamic website are just the opposite in some sense. A dynamic website makes use of programming languages, which means that it involves server side processing in order to render a page. Needless to say that the processing takes up time and thus the dynamic website tend to be slower than the static ones. But don’t be mistaken in to thinking that a dynamic website is bad because it is slow. Dynamic websites too can be optimised so that they are not extremely slow against which there open many other possibilities. For example it is possible for you to quickly modify the content of just about any page on the website if you have opted for a dynamic CMS web design (website). The possibilities are endless from providing a photo gallery to an interactive quiz.

E-Commerce Website:

A e-commerce website is also a dynamic website, but there is a difference. With an e-commerce website it is possible for you to sell your products online (over the internet) and engage in financial transactions. In fact to makes this simpler an e-commerce website has the ability to be the online version of your brick and mortar shop.

Features of a Content Management System (CMS):

A Content Management System is a dynamic website that has the ability to store the documents, pictures and other data required for the website in a such a way that it is easily retrievable and modified. A content management system usually consists of two user interfaces. One is the called the front end which is what is displayed on your website site and for the visitors to see.

The second interface is called the backend. This interface is used to add content to the website. Besides that it is also possible to modify the content, add images (for example a photo gallery), manage a user database along with their profile details in case of a social website. In addition to which a content management system may even have several advanced features like newsletters, testimonials, news blog, etc.

How Alakmalak can help:

Alakmalak is a company that has been around for a while and thus has a great deal of experience guiding clients from all around the world as to what is the best solution for them. Besides which they have a big in house development team that converts those solutions into real websites. It is thus no big surprise that they have already developed more than 2000 websites for clients from all around the world.

They have many packages (options) available on their website for india website development. For example the CMS package with all the bells and whistles will set you back only $599. Furthermore, Alakmalak has many different kinds of offers quite frequently thus helping you save more on the development of your website.


  • A guide to help decide which type of website is best for you

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