A few SEO techniques that you will be better without

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SEO Techniques

SEO is good for the websites search engine ranking. However it is time to stop and check it the SEO techniques that you are practicing are doing more harm than good to the website.

It is now common knowledge that Google made drastic changes to their search engine algorithm and several other search engines have followed suit. Thus in addition to the fact that the SEO techniques that were popular earlier are not use some of the techniques and strategies can even cause a lot of harm to the website. In fact Google has already penalize several websites for doing this including a few high profile ones.

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Besides there are a few techniques that you are better off not doing:

(Spamming) Guest Blogging:

It is safe to say that Guest Blogging has cause many people a lot of pain. There was a time when the actions and statements made by the executives at Google gave many SEO professionals sleepless nights.

The reason was quite simple. SEO had a lot to do with Guest Blogging at one point in time and almost every SEO strategist had planned their strategies such that it includes Guest Blogging in a big way.

However it later became clear that Spammy Guest Blogging was going to be strictly penalized from then on. Spamming was a very big issue and hence the margin for error was very low. To start with it is necessary to stay relevant.

Any irrelevant links will instantly invite a penalty. Google will also penalize the website for optimized anchors in a guest post as it will low quality content.

Guest Blogging is the favorite SEO technique for many SEO professionals however there is thin line between legitimate guest blogging and spammy guest blogging that should never be crossed. Thus it should be used with caution.

Optimized Anchors

The period of SEO when using anchor texts with keywords was fruitful is long gone. Not only is it gone but if you continue to practice that technique you will find yourself sailing in a sinking ship. The reason being, Google will instantly penalize you for it. It is vital to make sure your entire SEO team completely understands what Google means.

Here are a few examples to explain the issue with more clarity.

  • Buy the best smart phone in the market here.
  • The best web hosting provider of 2014.

Take a good look at the two statements above. If you happen to link your website to the underlined text you are begging to be penalized by Google.

Does this mean you can no longer use such links? The answer is no. You can still use anchor text however it needs to be done using a great amount of caution. For example it is just fine if you use the URL itself as the link or even the Brand name.

Giving more importance to link backs than the content

If you think that link back are important then you may be right to some extent. I say this because not everyone uses it wisely. For example if your content is more about the link backs and less about the quality of content it becomes obvious that the content has published has only on aim and that is to attract loads of search traffic. I am sorry to inform you that this strategy will simply not work.

The fact is that links are important for the overall SEO strategy, but they should not be give a lot of importance.

SEO is not about picking just one technique that you have the ability to manipulate,Take the example of operating a vehicle. It is only if all the components are operated in unison and in the right method with the vehicle operate travel in a correctly. In the same way the SEO efforts will be successful only if all the techniques are used together and in the correct way.

Keyword centric content

Keyword stuffing is bad and anyone with a right mind know that it is not the correct method of doing things. However that hasn’t stopped even some of the best SEO professionals from practicing it.

But have you ever stopped to wonder how Google looks at keyword stuffing. Since it was a big issue at one point of time it has been specifically dealt with by Google.

According to their definition, Keyword Stuffing is the practice of loading a web page with a large number of keywords with the sole aim to manipulate the sites ranking in the Google search results.

When in spite of the warnings several SEO strategies still had this technique high on their SEO strategy list, Google finally started penalizing the practice. Hence now if you happen to repeat a long tail keyword to many times it is likely to be flagged and that means penalties.

Hence Google wants to drive in the fact that keyword density is not important in your content. Furthermore the content when written should not be written with the aim of being an opportunity to an handful of keywords.

Instead you can have several articles and even long articles as long as it is focused on what is good for the reader and not on what is good for Google.

Article Spinning

Article Spinning is the technique of rewriting an existing article in way that it seems different from the original and at the same time include data relevant to the current website. This was an effective technique that no doubt reduces the quality of the content. Hence it is needless to say Google has become wiser and hence such practices will not really be very effective.


It is a good idea to analyses the SEO efforts for each website on an individual basis at the start of each project. And then plan our SEO strategy for the website in a well-planned manner prior to implementing it.

A good SEO strategy is all about making the long term plan on how to tackle the competitors when it comes to a search engine ranking. Hence make sure your strategy does include and shady tricks or techniques that you would most certainly end up regretting.

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