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A Different Approach To an Effective Web Design – an alternative perspective

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An effective web design must focus on one motive, and that is, building good audiences. If you think that creating a website is merely a design work, then you are so wrong. Only a prominent website design company knows that website designing requires more than designing. The design of your page is a product for the audiences who visit the site, because factually the first page of the site determines the good revenue.

This blog will give an idea of effective website design:

Call To Action and visual hierarchy:

A website designer must have an idea of the mechanisms that would make a recipe (site) worth selling by using the appropriate ingredients (entities). Some parts expect distinctive attention by the visitors, which can be achieved by calls to action.

Calls to action purposes the visitors give attention on the specific button or text. For example, if you have more than 5 or 6 items on the page, and they all are equally important, but one of them requires special attention, what would you do? Here is the idea, make that button or text protruding by giving it a special color or blinks.

Go and check out some of the effective eCommerce websites and their design, you would get the idea, such as ebay, they make seasonal offers look more prominent than other services, because they want customers to visit “holiday offers” first, before clicking anywhere else.

A brainstorming meeting of an effective web design page should rank the important items and give them a hierarchy;

  1. It can be an image, or calls to action button

  2. A catchy name or title for that particular image

  3. Another call to action button or similar to button image, where visitors are expected to click

  4. A short and sweet introduction or summary of the image and its title

  5. Additional information, visitors might want to have a look

  6. Focusing on other available services

So the below information, in few words, is known as “Applying Business Logic”. Where designers and website owners sit and discuss the priorities and build up a hierarchy.

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Avoid bulk options on the page:

Do not put unnecessary information on the page. The information must be crisp and informative. More information at first sight is going to create a confusion in the customer, which can lead them to close the page. If all the items are equally important, then the idea of categorization and filtering can be applied. Doing this will serve customers well with the desired choices.

Notify the target area:

Sometimes there is a part of the website where more than two or three entities display, but only on entity needs to be Notify. Zooming that particular entity can make it prominent.

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