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9 Key differences between Angular Js and Angular

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For different web applications, Google has created Angular JS and Angular frameworks. Before you decide which framework you must use to develop your next web application, you must know the difference between the two frameworks.

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While Angular JS JavaScript-based framework is an open-source front-end framework, Angular is a version upgrade of Angular JS.

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Take a look at the major differences between Angular JS and Angular:

1. The architectural differences:

Angular JS has a Model View Controller Design (MVC). In this, the information will be processed by the controller, and View will show the information in the model.

In the case of Angular, a directive with a template is used, and this is known as a component.

2. The difference in the language:

While Angular JS is written in JavaScript in the case of Angular Typescript is used. JavaScript is a scripting language, whereas Typescript is an object-oriented programming language that has an extended interface and supports modules.

3. Compatibility with mobile browsers:

Applications that are developed using Angular JS do not have compatibility for mobile browsers. But applications that are developed using Angular are found to have compatibility with mobile browsers.

4. Management of bigger applications:

Angular JS is suitable for the development of single-page simple web applications. But as the size of the source code will increase the management of Angular JS becomes tough, it is not suitable for the development of bigger applications.

But the creation of code in Angular is much easier as compared to Angular JS. Angular can very easily manage big applications.

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5. Regarding expression syntax:

In the case of Angular JS for binding data between View and Model {{}} and special methods like ng-bind are used. In the case of Angular (), and [] is used for binding data between View and Model.

6. About the use of Dependency Injection:

In the case of Angular JS, Dependency Injection is not used. In Angular Hierarchical Dependency Injection (DI) is used.

7. Routing aspect:

In the case of Angular JS, simpler routing will let you create single-page applications. The application will have different URLs for different contents. These can be created using the Angular JS route.

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In Angular JS for providing routing details @routeProvider.when, then is used.

In Angular, the routing information is defined using the @Route configuration.

8. Performance aspect: 

It has been found that the applications that are developed using Angular are much faster as compared to Angular JS. When we compare the user-friendliness of the two, then too Angular is found to be much better as compared to Angular JS. Performance-wise Angular scores over Angular JS.

9. Which is easier to learn?

In the case of Angular Typescript is being used, and hence it is a tad bit difficult to learn. But this is the framework that you can use to build not just small applications but also large complex applications.


Whether one uses Angular JS or Angular will depend on the application that needs to be developed and the developer’s comfort level with the two frameworks. But Angular Applications surely scores over Angular JS in terms of performance, efficiency, and speed. Angular can be used with ease for the development of complex applications.

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