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5 Design Tips How to Boost Your Blog Conversion?


1. Placing your newsletter sign up at the end of every article.

It is often observed that educational and inspirational content has an impact on the audience. But no matter what the content the website design india also plays an important role towards attracting and retaining visitors and making them come back for more. In fact some times the website design also influence whether or not your blog gets a ‘like’ or a ‘share’. Thus here are a few tips to boost the Blog conversion.

It is good practice to place the newsletter sign up at the end of each article assuming you have a newsletter. And if you don’t have one you should ask the web designer to place one. Because newsletter is a very important tool to keep most loyal visitors coming back to the site day after day for more. Newsletter sign ups are usually noticed on the right sidebar of a website. This is definitely a good place for a newsletter sign up but in addition to that it pays to have it at the end of every article as well. The reason being that if the person has taken the pain to read the article till the very end there is a very good chance he or she will enter their email address in the newsletter sign up with out any hesitation.

2. Include high-contrast calls to action.

It is also a good idea to make the newsletter sign ups a bit attractive in order to gain the attention of the visitor easily. It should not be that flashy and attractive so that the newsletter is the only part of the site that the visitor visits. But at the same time using attractive colors in contrast to the background can do no harm to the site.

3. Consider relevance for the blog’s navigation.

Navigation of the Web Design plays a subtle role in website as well. A bit to much work on the navigation and it could put off the visitors. Because if the visitor is bombarded with lots of products related navigation it will only serve as a distraction and confuse the visitor. Placing appropriate links to products on the other hand can prove beneficial and go a long way in promoting the site.

4. Include great images.

Images play a very important role in getting the message across. The images are truly equivalent to a thousand words. Thus images should be used as much as possible in the form of charts or screen shots as well besides conventional images. Images can be easily found on stock sites and some of them are even free to use.

5. Include strategic social sharing buttons.

It matters where you place the social sharing buttons on the site as well. These social sharing buttons should be strategically placed on the site by the web designer such that they become obvious to the visitor at the correct time of browsing the site and don’t hinder the process of browsing the very website it is meant to promote. Many website have a lingering bar with many share buttons that follow you where ever you go on the website. This can be rather annoying and even cause users to skip the website all together.

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Rushik Shah 08 August , 2013

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