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10 Superb CSS Features That Are Changing Web Design

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CSS has lots of effects on responsive web design. It is mainly because of the amazing CSS features.

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So, what are these features that are having such an impact on web designing? Take a look!

css features

css features

Are you aware of the CSS grid?

You hate doing all those complex calculations for creating a customized grid, and you must have asked yourself many times is there a way to get rid of these calculations. Yes, there is, and that is in the form of a CSS grid. No complex coding knowledge is required here, and you can customize the grid as per your requirements easily.

Having a tough time making grids responsive?

You want to create responsive grids as fast as possible, but you feel that this may just not be possible. Well, with CSS, this is very much possible. All that you need to do is make use of CSS media queries, fr units, etc., to create responsive grids not just easily but also fast.

Unequal-width grids are very much possible with CSS:

You know what? With CSS, it is easy to create grids with unequal widths without any problem. All that you have to do here is change the fr multiple, and you will get what you want

Fixing layout problems is not an issue with CSS:

Are you facing layout issues in the case of CSS and have no idea what to do? All that you have to do is change the markup, or you can make use of display: contents to resolve the issues.

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It is time to know about the CSS custom properties (variables):

So, you are working on a big project, and there are some values that you have to use in the entire documents. Then it is time to make use of CSS custom properties in which, after the creation of the value, you can store it and reuse the same as and when needed.

Get creative with Clip-path:

Want to create animations with CSS? You must then make use of the CSS Clip path feature in which a complex shape can be clipped into a basic shape, which can help you come up with the best animations.

Here is when you will need the Writing mode feature:

If you are using vertical language in your web designing project, then make use of the writing mode feature, which will help you change the text’s alignment.

Now when to use Explore feature queries?

With these media-like queries, you can check with the browser if the property and value expression is supported.

Setting up the HTML for the newsfeed styling the newsfeed is easy:

In CSS, you can easily set up the HTML newsfeed, and then you can also add styles to the newsfeed without much effort.

Start using the initial letter feature:

If you are creating a traditional website, then you can make use of the initial letter feature in which automatically the first letter of an element will be selected, and then the number of lines occupied by this letter will be specified.

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