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Zen Cart: Managing the Product Catalog

1:12 pm

Zen Cart: Managing the Product Catalog

Zen Cart is an open source ecommerce software that can be freely downloaded from their website. Once the Zen Cart is set up by it is easy to maintain and operate. Though, you may need to hire a Zen Cart developer initially. It is also possible to customise the Zen cart as per your choice. Alakmalak is one company that is involved in Zencart web development.

ZenCart Admin Panel

Zen Cart Admin Panel
The Zen Cart product catalog is easy to manage as explained here in this article. To start with it is located in the admin menu Catalog Categories / Products. You can simply add a new category by clicking the ‘Add Category’ button and then entering the appropriate information like category name, description and image. It is advisable not to add a product to the root position and have at least one category instead. However it is possible to add a product without adding a single category if required.

Zen Cart Sql Query Generator

Zen Cart Sql Query Generator
To add a subcategory, simply click on the icon of one of the existing categories and then follow the procedure to add a new category all over again.

The process of adding a product is also quite simple. You simply need to hit the ‘New Product’ button and enter all the required fields on the form that comes up. These fields include the name, description, image of the product. It also includes the price, quantity, weight, tax etc.

There are several icons on the right side of each product listing. These are for managing the individual products. You can edit, delete, move, copy, make attributes or set the Meta tags of the products (in respective order) by clicking on these icons.

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