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Zen Cart: Define Meta tags for the Products

1:06 pm

Zen Cart: Define Meta tags for the Products

Zen Cart is an ecommerce software which is free to download from their website. It is distributed using the open source licence. Zen Cart is fairly straight forward software and is easy to install. It has many features that are inbuilt thus saving the need for the average user to make any additions. However if you do wish to customize the Zen Cart to give it a personal touch, you will need the help ecommerce web developers that are involved in Zen Cart development.

Zen Cart Log in

Zen Cart Login
Having set up the Zen Cart and entered all the products it is important to optimize the website from SEO perspective. There are several SEO modules available which make sure the URL is SEO friendly. Further it is also possible to enter the Meta data for each product by following the steps mentioned below.

Zen Cart Store

Zen Cart Store
The Meta Tags for the products can be defined in the following manner:

1. Go to the admin menu Catalog Categories/Products list. Select and of the listed products by entering the appropriate category.
2. After that you need to focus your attention on the right side of each product listing, where there are a number of icons.
3. Select the last icon the black and white one which resembles the BMW mascot.
4. A new form is loaded with several options and a place where you can enter the Meta tag keywords and description and even the title.
5. Once they have been entered you can update the record.

Zen Cart Shop

Zen Cart Shop
Thus the process of entering the Meta tags for each product is quite simple.Zen Cart provides several functionalities that are quite easy to use; it is only when it comes to customizing that the going gets tough. That is when it is necessary you call on an experienced Zencart web developers like those from Alakmalak. At Alakmalak we have a great deal of experience at customizing the Zen Cart.

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