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Things to avoid in Web Design

7:41 am

Things to avoid in Web Design

Web design is a one of the most important element of your website. It is not the only factor contributing to the success of your website however it is the Web Site layout or website design that is first viewed by the visitors. And as the saying goes first impression counts. Thus get your website design right and you are half way there. This is true for website design in India or just about any where. A little care taken during the web design process can go along way. But things often go wrong and it often happens that the site either fails or is not very popular. There are some common reasons for this to occur as we will explore over the span of this article.

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A site that loads slowly can be most frustrating to the visitor. Here is a visitor who has a tons of links found as a result of his search online and if he has to wait a long time for the site to load he is most likely to select some move on and no bother come back to the site. Thus loading time it is essential that during the design of a site the loading time of the site be kept tabs off. The main issues that cause a site to load slowly are usually big images or splash flash images, sometimes it could even be a badly written Style – Sheet (CSS file) or a script (JavaScript).

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Another most common factor that should be avoided is being inconsistent as far as web design is concerned. It is vital that the consistency be maintained through the site. It is often the case in small-scale sites that have only 4-5 pages that all pages have a different design or theme and the visitor ends up feeling like he is visiting a new site when he is actually on visiting another page of the site. It is important that the visitor feels he is on the same Website no matter which page he is on. This is one of the most important factors and it keeps the visitors coming back again and again.

There are several other things to avoid while making a website like improper use of graphics and images, bad placement of flash or alternative introductions. Besides that forced and lengthy introductions can be very frustrating for the visitor and is something that should be avoided at any cost. Bad content that is out-of-place or that which is irrelevant can also be a turn off for visitors since they are spending their valuable time but not really getting any thing in return.

Website design is a very important stage of the making of the website and a lot of care should be taken while selecting images for the site and consistency should be maintained as far as the theme of the site is concerned. The website designer should avoid forcing long splash screens upon the visitors as they the visitors will only get frustrating waiting and that won’t be good for business.

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