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The comparison between PrestaShop, Magento and Opencart

7:02 am

The comparison between PrestaShop, Magento and Opencart


The Best Ecommerce CMS - PrestaShop

PrestaShop is open source software that is available for free download from their website. It is an ecommerce package that is widely popular for many reasons. It poses many unique features which also includes a very user friendly interface. In addition that PrestaShop was winner of the 2010 and 2011 best open source business application award as well. PrestaShop that was founded in Paris, makes extensive use of AJAX in the admin panel. It allows modules and blocks to be easily added to the store even by novice users. It has a great many features already built into the basic installation besides which it is possible to install more modules as well.


The Best Ecommerce CMS - Magento

Magento is also ecommerce software which is open source. In fact there are three type of Magento software available, off which only one is free to download. The three different versions of Magento are Magento Enterprise Edition, which is meant for large business. Magento Community Edition which is free to download and mainly meant for the website developers and the more advanced users. The last one is Magento Go which is mean for small businesses. Magento was launched in 2008 and developed by Varian. It has been built using the Zend Framework. Magento too has many features along with the basic installation and provides the option to install more modules and even create customized module of your own.


The Best Ecommerce CMS - Opencart

Opencart is a free online shop system. It too is open source software and is available as a free download. It has been based on a MVC system that was designed exclusively for Opencart. It has a few features built into the system and many external modules that can be added easily. Thus it is possible to integrate external modules like Paypal for payment gateway, etc. Opencart itself has a great many payment modules and shipping modules available for use.


Comparison of Magento | Presta Shop | Opencart

The comparison between the three above mentioned shopping carts or ecommerce software is a tough one. Since each has its own unique feature and happen to be good in some form or the other. However if we were to consider PrestaShop for example it has over 125,000 online stores and an extensive feature list. The features include site management, good search engine optimization, analytics and reporting, localization and payments and even shipping and payment. Magento too is extremely feature rich ecommerce software. It posses features like product suggestion tools with rating and reviews, ability to target promotion and merchandising, customer segmentation. It also has a good search engine optimization. Beside that it has multiple payment and shipping options. OpenCart is good open source software as well which provides the basic features like multi language, multi currency, multi store. Its basic features include product review and rating. It too includes search engine optimization and possess backup and restore tools. Besides which it provides sales reports and error logging.

Thus in terms of the number of feature and popularity as per Google searches Magento leads there rest of them, PrestaShop is bagging the second place and OpenCart bringing the rear. However it must be said that PrestaShop is a very good contender for the number one spot and leads in many departments.

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