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PrestaShop – Getting the new version

1:25 pm

PrestaShop – Getting the new version

PrestaShop is extremely popular ecommerce software. It is also open source and free to download. PrestaShop is popular numerous reasons like a good user interface, etc. although one of the important features is that there are many modules or feature pre installed in the basic version of PrestaShop. Thus making it very easy for the average user to just download and install the shopping cart for their use. It is common for many shop owners to want a custom layout or theme for their online shop so that it stands out from the other ones. There are themes available for download from websites online that can be used. In the case where you wish to have a more customized theme with all the bells and whistles of your choice you may have to take the help of a PrestaShop web designer to make the layout for you. In fact you may even need to hire a PrestaShop developer to make custom changes for you.

PrestaShop Web Development

PrestaShop often releases new versions of their shopping cart. It is possible to download the new version from their website Once on the website select the Download menu item after which you may need to fill a prestaShop download form and then hit the download button. That is all there is to it.

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