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Placing The Website In Maintenance Mode In PrestaShop

9:42 am

Placing The Website In Maintenance Mode In PrestaShop

PrestaShop is versatile ecommerce software that is widely popular. The reason it is so popular is purely due to the numerous features that come built into the PrestaShop installation. PrestaShop basically is very feature rich. Besides which, the PrestaShop admin panel user interface is very intuitive and user friendly. This makes it easier even for the not so computer savvy people to quickly grasp the workings of the admin panel. Thus the users are able to configure the website as per their requirements and needs. PrestaShop has another good feature where you can add new modules if the ones you need are missing. In fact if you don’t find the module you are looking for then it is even possible for you to hire a PrestaShop Web developer to do the job. Alakmalak is a company that provides such services and can help out for the installation and customization of modules and even add new functionality to make your PrestaShop look even more appealing.

Prestashop Preferences-Maintenance => Maintenance

Prestashop Preferences-Maintenance
The PrestaShop website can be placed into maintenance mode by login into the admin panel to start with. You that need to go to Preferences Maintenance from the admin menu. There will be an option called ‘Enable Shop’, change this to No. The PrestaShop website is now is maintenance mode. You will not be able to access the website either under maintenance mode. This however can be rectified by simply placing your IP in the Maintenance IP field and then hitting the Add IP button.

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