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Overview Of The WYSIWYG Editor

12:39 pm

Overview Of The WYSIWYG Editor

There is an editor to help you out in WordPress while writing posts or pages. This editor can be disabled and enabled as you please. In addition to which it is also possible to enhance the editor. While placing text on a page you can either just paste the text from a text editor like Microsoft Word for example or you also spend time making the heading bold and beautifying the important bits. You could even add some different styles or a bulleted list. Simply placing the text on the website does not seem appealing as is rarely done. On the other hand many people opt for placing complex HTML code as well. This too is not advisable since if and when you do need to change the text the entire article will have to be edited using the same style currently being used.

Simple View: This article is aimed at explaining how to make use of the default editor provided by WordPress to beautify your text in a page or a post. First we have a look at the simple view:

Overview of the WYWIWYG editor

1. This is the text formatting button to make the text bold, italic, or strike-through.

2. This button allows you to create a block quote blocks. The adjacent buttons allow you to make lists in several different formats.

3. These set of buttons are used for alignment of the text which can be aligned either left, right or center.

4. You can insert or remove links tags with these buttons and also create a custom post excerpt.

5. Finally the last set of buttons allow you to check the spelling, toggle full screen modes and enable or disable the extended editor view.

Extended View: The extend editor has more text formatting options as show in the next part of this article.

1. The text format in terms (size) of paragraph or heading can be selected here.

2. These set of buttons include additional text formatting tools like underline, or text paragraph fit and even text color option.,

3. You have the ability to insert text directly from Microsoft Word using these set of buttons; which clears all formatting to make the text usable.

4. The paragraph indentation can be managed using this option.

5. You even have the undo and redo options along with the editor help option.

Placing text in the page and formatting it is the easier part of the website and this article should make it even easier for you. But actually making the website with the appropriate design is another ball game altogether.

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