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Managing Widgets in WordPress

1:16 pm

Managing Widgets in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most versatile software around. Furthermore it is open source and available a free download. Just about anyone can download and install it onto their system. It is quite easy to install it via the user friendly user interface. Once installed you have the option of changing the default theme to a theme of your own. There are several options open to you.

You could either download a free template or select a premium on too. In addition to which it is also possible get a customised template built as per your own preferences. This is something that would require the help of a professional WordPress Web Developer. Alakmalak is one such WordPress Web Development company.

Manage widgets in wordpress

Once you do have your website all setup, it is possible for you to move things around once in a while to give your website a new fresh look every day or week. WordPress uses widgets on the sidebar and even the header and footer for that matter.

These widgets can be anything that you can imagine. Besides choosing what is available you could get the widgets custom made via a professional web developer as well.

In WordPress, the widgets can be placed on the header, footer and sidebar. It is possible to set the widget from the admin section. In order to do that you will first need to login to the admin section of your website and navigate from the admin menu to be able to place a widget on one of the several sidebar options available.

This can be achieved by simply following the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to the admin section of your WordPress installation.
  • Navigate to the admin menu Appearance >> Widgets
  • Here you will notice a big list of widgets available on the left side of your screen and several sidebar place holders where you drag your widgets to install on your website.
  • In addition to the default widget provided by WordPress it is possible to install additional widgets in the form of plugins to enhance the functionality of your website.
  • Installing the widgets is as easy dragging them on the sidebar and uninstalling is equally easy by dragging them off.
  • The widgets can be configured further by clicking on them once they are installed on the sidebar. Each widget has a set of unique parameters to configure which is usually quite self explanatory.

Alakmalak is a WordPress web development company involved in simple to complicated WordPress projects.

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