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Managing Product Images In Zen Cart

11:36 am

Managing Product Images In Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open source, ecommerce software. It is a free software available for download and set up just about by any one. The website can then be set up using some custom template of a free available one. Once set up and installed either by yourself or with the help of a Zen Cart development company in India or may be some other place it is possible to start adding the products. It is also possible to add the product image along with the other product information.


Manage Product Images
Zen Cart is capable of displaying the images in 3 different sizes:

1.Small: Generally thumbnail image displayed on the homepage or product listing page
2.Medium: Usually displayed on the individual product information page.
3.Large: This is the normal size image obtained when clicking the ‘larger image’ link on the product information page.

It is possible to change the size the size of the product image on several different pages from the admin section by going to the admin menu and selecting Configuration –> Images.

Alakmalak has good experience in ecommerce web development using the Zen Cart and thus are fully capable of helping you out with your very own shopping cart.

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