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Installing a template via the theme installer in PrestaShop

1:45 pm

Installing a template via the theme installer in PrestaShop

PrestaShop in a fairly recent e-commerce software available to download from their website. By fairly recent, I mean it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others have been like OSCommerce and Zen cart. PrestaShop exceeds all expectations as far as quality and usability is concerned. It has many in-built modules and hence it is not necessary to hire a PrestaShop developer for the basic things unlike in many of the other ecommerce software.

PrestaShop has another good feature where you can add new modules if the ones you need are missing. However any customization that you require would require the expertise of a PrestaShop developer. Because even though PrestaShop is really easy to use and has many modules to start with the theme integration may require some help of the professional. It is usually the case that a shop owner requires a unique design for their respective e-commerce venture and thus this needs to be specially developed and integrated using the help of the professionals.

It is possible to install a template via the PrestaShop theme installer module by following the steps mentioned here.

PrestaShop admin panel ----> Themes section ----> Theme installer

PrestaShop Admin Panel —> Themes Section —> Theme Installer

  • First login to the admin panel of your PrestaShop installation.
  • From the admin panel’s admin menu navigate to Preferences Themes.
  • It is possible to select a new theme here from the list of themes on display.
  • If your theme is not on display it is even possible to add a theme via the button of the same name present on the top section of the page.
  • Either way it is possible to change the theme in this method.
  • Once the theme has been changed then there is the option of also changing the appearance. For example there is a special section for changing the header logo, mobile header logo and email logo to name a few. There are many other preferences that can be configured from this section.
  • Thus by following the above steps you have now changed the theme and applied a new one.

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