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Install PrestaShop 1.5.6 Engine

12:58 pm

Install PrestaShop 1.5.6 Engine

PrestaShop is open source ecommerce software that is free to download and use. It was released fairly recently compared to the other ecommerce software around. In spite of that it has risen to popularity very quickly and is preferred by companies of many different sizes, small, medium and large. PrestaShop has in fact won the award for being the best open source business CMS for two consecutive years, which is truly a very good achievement. PrestaShop is known for the very good user interface that it provides making it easier for the novice user to quickly learn and figure out the several new tricks of the trade. It basically has a very low learning curve which is greatly appreciated. PrestaShop is one open source software that come with all the bells and whistles already installed, in spite of which it has an endless list of extended modules to customise it to suite your needs.

The tutorial explains how you to install PrestaShop engine by yourself. The first step towards installing PrestaShop engine is to download PrestaShop from the official website The current version at the time of writing this article was PrestaShop 1.5.6 hence this was used for the installation of PrestaShop in this article.

Once it has been downloaded which shouldn’t take a lot of time depending on the speed of your internet connection, you then need to spend some more time transferring it again. This time you need to transfer the downloaded file which is likely to be a compressed file on to your server. Once uploaded utilize the online tools in the control panel like the File Manager to extract the contents of the compressed file in the desired directory.
You know need to start the installation by loading the URL of the newly uploaded PrestaShop website in your browser. You will be given an option to choose your language and you then need to input your database details along with the database username and password and even the server host information.

Configure Database Connection

Configure Database Connection
Now enter your store title and description. Once you enter the administration login details the PrestaShop installation is almost complete. Now delete the installation folder or alternatively you could rename it as well.

You are set to go with newly installed PrestaShop with the user side and admin side links provided on the screen. You can now configure your shop and then set it up with your products that you wish to sell and start getting in the returns.

Feel free to contact our prestashop developer team here.

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