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How to set up Cloud Zoom module in Magento?

5:59 am

How to set up Cloud Zoom module in Magento?

Magento is ecommerce software and is available to download freely from their website. It is highly versatile software, which is one of the reasons that it has risen to popularity so fast. Magneto by itself has many features built into it and thus reduces the need for you to add any extensions. However there are many extensions available for you to install into Magento to enhance the user experience. Furthermore if you wish for a truly unique website or custom functionality it is likely you will need the assistance of a Magento Web developer.

The Cloud Zoom module can be set up in the following manner with the steps below:

1. You need to go to the admin section to start with and log in.

2. From the admin menu select System > Configuration

3. Then select the Manage > Advanced > Disable Modules Output > EcommerceTeam_CloudZoom > Enable and save the config

Save Config

Save Config
4. Next in the admin menu go to System > Configuration > Catalog

5. The next page under the Cloud Image Zoom there will be a list of options to configure the module. The options are like below:

Cloud Image Zoom

Cloud Image Zoom

  • Enable Cloud Zoom – If set to yes, the option enables the cloud zoom in your product images.


  • Position – allows the change of Cloud Zoom position on the product images to either right, left, top or bottom.


  • Show Title – Allows the product title to appear at the top of the image when you mouse over the cloud zoom.


  • Title Opacity % – Allows to change the opacity of the string at the top of the product image which shows the product title.


  • Lens Opacity % – Allows to change the opacity of the lens.


  • Zoom Width – allow to change the zoom width, with blank meaning auto.


  • Zoom height – allows changing the zoom height, with blank meaning auto.


  • Big Image Width – allows to automatically change the width of the enlarged image.


  • Big Image height – allows to automatically change the height of the enlarged image.


  • Tint Color – allows to specify the tint color for the Cloud Zoom.


  • Tint Opacity % – allows to change the tint opacity for the cloud Zoom.


  • Once done you need to hit the Save Config on the top right section.


  • If you were to open and product page you will find the changes as per your settings.

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