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How to move Zen Cart store to different folder. The detail guide…

7:55 am

How to move Zen Cart store to different folder. The detail guide…

Zen Cart is open source ecommerce software that is available as a free download. This software is very popular ecommerce platform that has been around for a while. It is trusted and implemented by many companies as their ecommerce solution. The Zen Cart has evolved over the years to become very robust and versatile software. It is usually the case that the Zen Cart users like to have their own design for their store front. It is easy to install a Zen Cart with a ready made template by simply following the instructions (if you are good at doing so). It is the making of your own customized template that is the tough part. It requires the expert hands of a web designer to make a good design suitable for shopping cart. Besides which it also takes the expertise of an ecommerce web developer to actually integrate the web design into the Zen Cart along with all the customizations that would be required. Alakmalak is one such ecommerce web development company that can help you out with such issues.

Often websites are first made for you to test and are placed in a test folder and not directly on the main web address. For example if the URL of your store is, the website being built will be first placed at test for example. After the website is fully completed and the tests have been made the website is transferred to the main URL. This article describes how you can transfer the website from one folder to another by keeping everything intact.

The first thing to do when transferring the website is to compress the website files by selecting all the files and then using the compress option. The process of moving the Zen Cart store from one folder to another can be achieved by following the steps below:

1. You need FTP access to your web server where you have the Zen Cart shopping cart installed.

2. Login via FTP and copy all the Zen Cart files to another folder as per requirement.

3. Download a couple of files from the new location as mentioned here:

4. These files need to be edited so as to include the new path of the URL as well as the files.

5. Once the changes are made you will need to upload them back to the server.

6. This should successfully complete the move.

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