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How to Create Multiple Product images with Zen Cart

10:02 am

How to Create Multiple Product images with Zen Cart

Zen Cart is available as a free download; it is open source ecommerce software; which is very popular ecommerce platform that has been around since a long time. It is well trusted and implemented by a lot of companies as their ecommerce solution. Zen Cart shopping cart owners usually like to have their own design for their store front. It is quite simple to install a Zen Cart with a readymade template by simply following the instructions.

Making your own customized template is another ball game all together. It requires the expert hands of a web designer to make a good design suitable for shopping cart. Besides you may also require to actually hire a Zen Cart Web developer to do a bang up job of integrating the new design into the Zen Cart; making it seems as if it always existed. Alakmalak is one such ecommerce web development company that can help you out with such issues.

It is possible to create multiple product images in Zen Cart for each product. In order to do so you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Browse to the Zen Cart Admin panel in the browser.

2. Login and go to the admin menu.

3. From the admin menu select Catalog > Categories / Products this will load a list of categories.

4. Navigate to the category and product that you want to edit and click on it to open up the product details page.

5. Scroll down to the section where you need to enter the image file name.

6. Enter a new file image making sure the naming structure mentioned here is followed.

7. Rename your image file like productname_1.jpg or any other file extension.

8. Thus the name of your new product image will consist of the name of the product followed by a ‘_1’ and the subsequent image will be followed by a ‘_2’ and so on.

9. Now upload this new image from the product page and select the ‘dvd’ directory to upload the file. This image can also be uploaded into a special directory previously created by you.

10. Now upload the additional images of this product into the same directory as the main image.

11. This can be done via FTP. Thus you will need to connect to your server using FTP first and then only be able to view the additional images.

12. When you browse to you main website you will see the product image along with the additional images. The additional images will be viewable unless you have a customised template where the additional images have been disabled.

13. In that case you will need to re-include the additional mages into your template to be able to view them.

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