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How to Clear Magento Cache?

9:02 am

How to Clear Magento Cache?

Magento is eCommerce software and is available to download freely from their website. It is highly versatile software, which is one of the reasons that it has risen to popularity so fast. Magneto by itself has many features built into it and thus reduces the need for you to add any extensions. However there are many extensions available for you to install into Magento to enhance the user experience. Furthermore if you wish for a truly unique website or custom functionality it is likely you will need the assistance of a Magento Web developer.

Often while making change to the website you will come across situations where the change made by do not really reflect on the website. This happens very often and there is no need to be alarmed. When you are stuck in such a situation it is a safe bet to first clean the cache. Magento has a cache system and thus even if you have made some changes (especially to the layout) it will continue to show the old layout. You need to clean the cache and then refresh the website and it is then that you will be able to see the changes made by yourself.

Magento Store Management

Magento Store Management
The cache in Magento can be cleared in the following manner.

1. You need to go to the admin panel of the Magento installation.
2. Then go to the Admin menu System Cache management
3. Here you need to check all the cache types and select disable in the action box.
4. Lastly you need to click flush magento cache and flush cache storage buttons.

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