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Guide to installing a new language in Joomla Website

12:10 pm

Guide to installing a new language in Joomla Website

Joomla is an open source software that is a free download. It can be implemented and used for many different kinds of websites. Some of the popular implementations are a content management system, a photo gallery, a magazine or even a news paper. Many Ecommerce website have also been implemented using Joomla.

This is a worldwide phenomenon and not limited only to the English speaking countries. Thus there has is a very high demand for website with the option of a local language as well. With websites like a magazine or a news paper it is quite understandable to the requirement for it to be in a local language as well. Some of the Ecommerce website offer dual languages too. Joomla makes this possible.

Changing or adding a new language to your website is them as explained in this article.It is possible to install a new language to your Joomla website by following steps described below.

  • To start make sure you have a fully functional Joomla website and then download the language pack that you require form the website
  • You will need to be careful while selecting the package to download. First compare version of Joomla with that on the site and then make sure you have the correct language pack for your specific version of Joomla. For example the Joomla version may be like 1.5.x or 2.5.x or 3.x
  • Once you do have the correct language pack login to the admin panel of your website.
  • Now navigate to the admin menu like Extensions >> Install
  • Here you have the option of uploading a package via the user interface provided. Thus use it to upload your language pack and hit the upload and install button.
  • If all goes well the language will automatically install from here.
  • You now have the option of changing he default website language in your Joomla website or simple providing an option of a second language to your users.
  • You can change the default language by going the admin menu once again: Extensions >> Language Manager and clicking the default button for the appropriate language.

Since making a decent and competitive website is no easy task, However there are several other tasks that are easy and don’t require any programming knowledge.

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