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Configure the Zen Cart shopping cart

8:38 am

Configure the Zen Cart shopping cart

Zen Cart is very popular open source software for ecommerce. It is available as a free download for anyone to download and install. It has many features built in with the ability to add new modules as and when required.

It is necessary to configure the Zen Cart after installing it. The basic elements that need to be configured are described below.

It is a good idea to first name the store. This can be done from the admin menu Configuration My Store. There are options to set several parameters on this page like the Store name, Owner, Country, Zone, Store address to name a few of them.

Admin Menu Configuration - My Store

Admin Menu Configuration – My Store
There are more options to configure in the same menu. You can set the images size of the entire website by going to Configuration Images. Here you modify the size of the images as per the template installed and your preference too.

Zen Cart also allows you to set the Customer details; where you can select the fields that you wish to appear on the customer register form. In addition to which it is also possible to toggle the option of customer approval on registration. This option is accessible from the menu Configuration Customer Details.

There is the menu option Configuration Shipping/Packaging that you should go to; to be able to set the store zip code. This is where you select the country of origin and the postal code.

You can also configure a different email address for each function. For example you can configure a different email address for order confirmation and the contact us form. This can be done from the admin menu Configuration Email Options.

It is also vital you configure the Zen Cart and let it know which credit cards you want to accept. This can been done from the admin menu Configuration Credit Cards.

Furthermore it is required to configure the shipping and payment modules as per the options you choose. For example you have the option of selecting a Pay per item shipping option but that will need to be configured. At the same time if you choose Paypal as a mode of payment then that too needs to be configured. This kind of intricate configuration can get quite tedious but rest assured; Alakmalak is involved in Zen Cart development in India and would be more than glad to help you out with such issues and more.

Feel free to contact our zen cart development india team today.

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