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Color trends in Website design in 2013

12:20 pm

Color trends in Website design in 2013

In 2013 we saw Indian web design companies and even those around the world making special use of color in their web design. The basic color palette was revived with a twist. Here are a few of the biggest color trends as far as website design is concerned in 2013.

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Dark Color Tones:

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Since as a rule it is harder to read something on a dark background, dark colors are usually reserved as accent colors in terms of website design. But the trend in 2013 was quite different . We saw the use of many dark colors like black, dark brown, dark blue through the website to draw the attention to the content. In general darker colors are generally used to evoke luxury or sophistication.

Bright Pastels with Grey Hues:

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The basic grey color was given a facelift in 2013, thus adding a twist of pastel to make websites more interesting and more inviting to read. The grey hues was combined with  bright colors thus providing a great contrast and giving a modern and practical look to the sites.

Inspired by Nature:

Basic green usually provides a sense of clarity to websites. Thus if we add Pantone promoted emerald green twist to the design it is capable of bringing another dimension and liveliness. The gradient tones of green keeps it easier on the eyes and prevents eye fatigue.  Bright colors like blue and yellow were used in abundance in website design in 2013.

Monochromatic Colors:

The other trend that was quite evident in 2013 was that the website designers all believed in keeping the things simple. In the sense that minimal color was used during website design and yet the websites produced were quite intriguing.


Thus new trends tend to surface in the rarest of elements and surprise us. It is healthy to stay within the trend when building websites; that was you are more sure of.

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