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Adding multiple images to a product – Zen Cart

1:52 pm

Adding multiple images to a product – Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an e-commerce software and is open source too. It is available to freely download from their site and is quite popular amongst the shopping cart industry. The Zen Cart is used by many stores all around the world and is continued to be the choice of many new businesses and first time website owners around the world. Zen Cart is a highly customizable software. Even though Zen Cart itself has plenty of modules installed to set up shop, additional modules are available to supplement the functionality. In addition to which at times even more functionality is required which is achieved by further customization. Such customization generally requires the help of Zen Cart developers. Alakmalak is involved in Zen Cart development in India and provides such a service.

Zen Cart art of ecommerce

Zen Cart art of ecommerce
There are many feature included in the basic Zen Cart and that includes the ability to add new products from the backend or ‘Admin’ section. Among other fields it is possible to add the main image on this product page however the additional images of the product need to be transferred to a specific folder via FTP. For example if the name of the product is ABC Toaster. You can upload the main image from the products page by entering something like this in the image field: toaster/abc toaster.jpg .

It is important to select a folder to upload the image as well as an appropriate image name. Because the same naming format needs to be maintained for the subsequent additional images. The additional images need to be uploaded via FTP to the same folder as the main image for example toaster in this case. The naming conversion of the additional images includes all of the main image name preceded with something else. For example in this case the following names are considered valid:

abc toaster and toaster.jpg

It is in good practice to have your images arranged in the appropriate folder to start with before uploading them to the website. This avoid a great deal of confusion and also acts as a guide regarding the naming convention while uploading the main image for the product.

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