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How to Reset PrestaShop Admin Password?

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Presta Shop in a fairly recent e-commerce software available to download from their website. By fairly recent I mean it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others have been like OSCommerce and Zencart. One may even expect Presta Shop to have learned from the mistakes that the other open source e-commerce softwares made. Presta Shop meets all expectations as far as quality and usability is concerned. It has many inbuilt modules and hence it is not necessary to hire a Presta Shop developer for the basic things unlike in many of the other e-commerce softwares.

Though any customization that you require would require the expertise of a Presta Shop developer. Because even though Presta Shop is really easy to use and has many modules to start with the theme integration may require some help of the professional. It is usually the case that a shop owner requires a unique design for their respective e-commerce venture and thus this needs to be specially developed and integrated using the help of the professionals.


Hosting Control Panel and open PHPMyAdmin tool


Once you do have you Presta Shop all developed and ready to use there really should not be any hiccups. Presta Shop has a very nice feature where you can even retrieve your password if you have forgotten it.

For example if you have forgotten the password to the admin panel of your Presta Shop you can simply click on ‘Lost Password’ link to retrieve the password. Here you are required to enter your email addresses and you will receive the password reset information that address.


list of tables that are used in the selected database


There is a change you have forgotten you email but that doesn’t mean all is lost. There is still a way to retrieve the password or rather to reset the password and get into the admin panel of your Presta Shop without losing any information. But this requires you the access the database of your website.

If you are savvy enough to do so you can login to the database of your Presta Shop installation if not you can always hire a Presta Shop developer to do the job for you. Once inside the database of the Presta Shop you need to search for the table by the name ‘ps_employee’ and click on it. You will notice a list of records being displayed depending upon the number entries made by you.

You need to edit the record which has the values of the fields ‘id_employee’ and ‘id_profile’ as ‘1’. Once the edit form comes up you can change the value of the email field to that of your new email address and save the record. Then simply follow the lost password procedure described above to get the new password emailed to you. Then use this information to enter the admin panel of your Presta Shop.


The final result should look similar

Now press the GO button to execute the query


If all else fails then the last resort is to run a SQL query to reset the password though this requires a certain level of expertise and some basic knowledge of both PHP and MySQL. To reset the password in this method you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1. First load the site via FTP and download the file ‘’ which is located in the folder ‘/config’.

2. Open this file and make a note of the value of the variable ‘_COOKIE_KEY_’. For example the value of my cookie key is something like this ‘u9x0gIGeL17Ch3Zvn2xPP9zfJCuZd5H17p9jyn5MR5T7JZF0Y02kuCp3’.

3. The next step involved executing a MySQL query from the database of your Presta shop. Thus first login to the database of your Presta Shop and select your database.

4. Once selected click on the ‘’SQL’ tab and paste the following code into the box provided:UPDATE ps_employee SET passwd = MD5(”) WHERE ps_employee.id_employee = 1;

5. Now replace the text in the query above the value you made a note of in step 2. Also replace the text in the query above with the value of your new password.

6. Now go back to the admin panel and try to login using your new password selected in step 5 and you should be able to get in to you Presta Shop admin panel.

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  • How to Change the Admin Password in Prestashop?

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