The Case of the Mysterious Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

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The Case of the Mysterious Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

WordPress is a very versatile software developed as an open source solution. It is available as a free download and thus any one can install and use it to make their respective website. There are many different kinds of websites possible with WordPress. From the simple Blog, to a fully…[...]

Dealing with the sidebar in WordPress

The sidebar is a very handy section of the WordPress website. It can be configured to be displayed either on the left or right side of your main content. It is usually set from the Widget menu option of the admin menu Appearance. You will have a long list of…[...]

Moving Your WordPress Website From a Sub Directory To The Root Directory

You can move your website from the sub directory to the root directory of your web server by following the steps below: To start with login to the admin section of your WordPress website and navigate from the admin menu Settings >> General. Here is the setting for the URL…[...]

Display The Full Post Instead Of An Excerpt In WordPress

WordPress is available as a free download from their website. It is an open source software and has several applications. It can be used as a blog , a content management system and even an ecommerce website. WordPress in general has been designed to be able to be used by…[...]

Overview of using Google Maps in WordPress with Shortcodes

WordPress is an open source software that has been around for a long time. It has seen many releases and point builds and has turned into quite a useful open source solution for many different applications. It is free to download hence just about anyone can download and install it.…[...]