Database flexibility with Laravel


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  Laravel is an open source PHP framework that is available as a free download. It has been developed using the Model-View-Controller architecture (MVC). Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks around, but is has not always been this way. There are many PHP frameworks like Code…[...]

Database flexibility with Laravel

  Laravel is an open source PHP web framework which is available as a free download. It follows the MVC – model view controller architecture. Although Laravel was released fairly recently and is one of the new frameworks it has grown in popularity quite rapidly. Why pick Laravel for web…[...]

Why pick Laravel for web development

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that is free and developed as an open-source framework. Laravel implements Object-oriented concepts with the help of the basic OOPS features in PHP. Here is a list of features that shows how Laravel implements them: Laravel implements the MVC (Model View Controller) framework. The…[...]

How PHP and OOPs concepts meet the perfect match with Laravel Framework